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Celebrating a rich heritage and community: 

Established in 1986 at Elizabeth Beach in Booti Booti National Park, Pacific Palms Surf Lifesaving Club (PPSLSC) serves not only the local community, but also the many holidaymakers in the area. 
Pacific Palms SLSC conducts beach patrols during summer and operates an Emergency Response Team for aquatic rescues across a wide area — from Janie's Corner at Seven Mile Beach to Seal Rocks, including Wallis Lake, Smiths Lake, and Myall Lake. 

Known for its strong commitment to lifesaving, the Club fosters a sense of friendship among both locals and visitors.

Supporting the community:

Beyond patrols and emergency response activities, the Club also runs a Community AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Program which places and maintains AEDs in the local community. These devices are available 24/7 and have been used regularly in medical emergencies. Presently we have four AEDs in the below locations:

(a) Pacific Palms Pharmacy 

(b) Smiths Lake Friendly Grocer and 

(c) Coomba Park Pollards Shop 

and of course at our Surf Club (on the wall at ground level beach side).

Pacific Palms

Smiths Lake
Friendly Grocer

Coomba Park
Pollards Shop

2021 Flood rescue

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