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Building Safer Beach Communities

Each year our highly qualified volunteer trainers equip our members (members of the community just like you) in vital life saving skills. Your Bronze Medallion (BM) or Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) are starting points to becoming a lifesaver and participate in beach patrols or help out with water safety at our Sunday Nipper program.  

Your journey doesn’t have to stop there or be restricted to the water! There are a range of education pathways you can follow that do not require you to carry out water rescues. You can further enhance your lifesaving qualifications or be a land-based lifesaver with skills including including advanced resuscitation, first aid and radio operations.  

Skills Maintenance & Community Training

Our patrolling members undertake annual skills maintenance to ensure they remain up to date with best practice and are ready to respond to any rescue or first aid situation on our beach.  Members involved in education at our Club gain nationally recognised qualifications in training and assessment which can be utilised in their careers. We also offer CPR training to community groups through schools and sporting organisations.

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Experienced & Qualified Instructors

Learn from the best. Our courses are led by experienced and qualified instructors, ensuring you get practical skills and gain valuable insights.

Nationally Recognised Courses

Achieve excellence with our nationally recognised courses, providing you with credentials that are respected and acknowledged across Australia.

Wide Range of Topics to Explore

Explore topics from first aid, radio, CPR to rescue techniques.

Our Courses

At Pacific Palms SLSC, we offer a comprehensive suite of courses designed to equip members with the skills necessary for effective surf lifesaving, beach safety and first aid. From foundational programs like the Bronze Medallion (BM) and Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) to specialised training in CPR, First Aid, and Advanced Resuscitation Techniques (ART), our curriculum covers it all. We also provide hands-on experience with Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) operations and radio communication.

Bronze Medallion

Gain crucial patrolling and surf awareness skills with the Bronze Medallion (BM) course. Open to those 15+, with a 400m swim prerequisite.

Surf Rescue Certificate

Start your patrolling journey with the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC), designed for those aged 13+. Learn essential surf skills, teamwork, and communication for safety operations.

Inflatable Rescue Boat

Develop expert skills in operating Inflatable Rescue Boats (IRB), crucial for swift water rescues. Ideal for those committed to advanced lifesaving techniques.

Cardio Pulminary Resuscitation (CPR)

Learn critical CPR skills to respond effectively in emergencies. Our course provides the knowledge and practice needed to save lives.

first aid

Gain comprehensive first aid skills to manage a variety of emergency situations with confidence. Essential training for everyday heroes.

Advanced Resuscitation

Enhance your emergency response capabilities with ART, preparing you for more complex lifesaving situations.

Radio Operators Course

This course develops skills and knowledge to effectively operate communications systems and equipment in their local lifesaving environment.

This award is designed for members who are either working towards obtaining their Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) or members who wish to contribute to radio operations in their local clubs without undertaking water rescues.

Nipper Age Manager

Age Managers play a crucial and fundamental role within the junior activities, taking responsibility for the care, safety, wellbeing and development of junior lifesavers. As an Age Manager, you will provide young members within the movement with the skills, knowledge and experience to assist their development from nippers into future lifesavers. The goal is to enrich the lives of junior members through the delivery of surf life saving knowledge and skills in a fun and safe aquatic environment.

Community Training

On an ad-hoc basis Pacific Palms SLSC runs first aid, CPR and defibrillator training for the public.

These are information and practical based which are designed to give people a basic skill set to undertake first aid. These are not certified courses but designed to teach people some fundamentals.

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